Harajuku Guys in Streetwear by Off-White, ADYN, SPX & Rick Owens

We met these two students in Harajuku when they were wearing black and white and sunglasses. This is what we learned about them:

Pictured to the right is Daichi, who is 19 years old. He is wearing a hat, a resale shirt, and a skirt layered over pants. His sneakers are SPX, and he accessorized with earrings, a chain necklace and a studded clutch. His favorite places to shop are LHP and Nubian, and he likes listening to Big Bang.

To the left we have Nagi, who is 20. He is wearing a backwards cap with an Off-White t-shirt, ADYN shorts and striped tube socks. His sneakers are Rick Owens and his necklace is Elvira. His favorite shops/brands are Off-White, Nubian and Warp, and he’s a fan of Exo and BTS.

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