Harajuku Duo in Red & White Streetwear w/ Bubbles, UNIF, George Cox, Rebel 8, NLF & My Little Pony

While walking around Harajuku, we met Urumi, a shop staff and model, and Kenji, a model and choreographer. They caught our eye with their red, white and black street styles. Let’s take a closer look:

Urumi’s ensemble features a white Zara tank top over a sheer net top, fishnet stockings, red satin trackpants from NLF (nolimitsfun Taiwan), platform ankle boots from Bubbles, and a My Little Pony canvas tote bag. She accessorized with silver heart earrings and a barb wire necklace from Bubbles. Her favorite fashion brands are Bubbles, Faith Tokyo and Unif. Follow her on Instagram!

Kenji’s look consists of a white jacket over a white Unif t-shirt, flame print boardshorts, striped socks, black George Cox creepers, and a black drawstring backpack. His accessories include a Rebel 8 cap, sunglasses, and a pair of silver earrings. Kenji’s favorite fashion brand is Unif. He is active on Instagram.

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