Here’s Kouhei, a Japanese fashion designer whose trademark hi-top fade hairstyle makes him stand out of the crowd in Harajuku. Kouhei’s brand is called 4jigeN, and it’s stocked by the LaForet Harajuku streetwear shop H>Fractal.

Kouhei is wearing a leather MCM jacket over a “F— The Prejudice” hoodie from 4jigeN, Phenomenon jeans with spiked cuffs (check the closeup), and mismatched snakeskin Swagger x Nike “Terminator High Supreme QK” sneakers. Accessories include a cross necklace, sunglasses, and a leather MCM bag.

Kouhei told us that he’s a fan of hip hop music. If you’d like to know more about Kouhei or 4jigeN, you can follow him on Twitter or check out the brand’s official website (in Japanese).

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. ok, love it. the space shoes are going to ignite the balloon jeans, inflating them as he rockets towards the last supper. like the texture of the shoes.

  2. non sibi

    “F___ The Prejudice” over Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.
    Love it… love it…

  3. Lol- keep it fun and full of peace here, please. Nothing but love for Radical dude.

  4. 2 things:

    1. the ankle spikes are fabulous.
    2. why in the world is he wearing a grill in his mouth?

  5. Gosh, I think they might be braces, not krunk.

  6. This guy always has really impressive looks! ^^

    I specially love his sweatshirt + the cross necklace. Brilliant!

  7. yhyehyeh love itttt! this also reminds me of Cream! That Japanese duo.

  8. That’s true swag LOL. He’s rocking the shoes

  9. AfricanHarajukuKIng

    am i the only one who noticed the swag at the bottom of his jeans?!amazeballs is what it is!!lovvvvvvvve it