Colorful Harajuku Streetwear w/ Grateful Dead Shirt, Hand Painted Graffiti Jeans, Nacht & Dr. Martens Boots

Catching our attention with his colorful streetwear style in Harajuku is Achiha, a 20-year-old student.

Achiha is dressed in a vintage Grateful Dead shirt with tie dye and logo prints, which he tucked into remake Levi’s denim jeans with colorful graffiti that he painted himself. He tucked his pants into black leather boots from Dr. Martens with grommet detailing, and embellished his look with accessories – mostly from Nacht – such as purple-tinted sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, a black leather belt, silver chains, layered silver necklaces, a silver cuff bracelet, a black leather cuff bracelet with silver chains, and multiple silver knuckle rings.

Achiha loves to shop at Bunker Tokyo, and he likes listening to Gold Heroes and K-Pop music. Check out Achiha’s streetwear styles on Instagram.

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