All Black Layered Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ Shaved Head, Horn Earrings, Shiny Tank , Skirt Over Cropped Pants, Leather Waist Bag & Chelsea Boots

Easily grabbing our attention with his all black edgy streetwear outfit is 20-something-year-old Muneyuki.

Muneyuki stepped out in an all black vintage outfit, which consists of a shiny tank top over a sweater, a wraparound skirt over cropped trouser pants, black socks, and a pair of black leather chelsea boots. Resale accessories such as black AirPods, black horn earrings, a black chain necklace, belt, safety pin tank top embellishments, a silver watch, silver cuff bracelets, and multiple black knuckle rings rounded out his all black edgy look. In addition, Muneyuki is toting a black leather waist bag.

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