Harajuku Style Icon Una in Acid Wash Jacket & Pin Nap Sweater

Most of you probably already know Una (pronounced “Yu-na”). She’s a popular Japanese magazine model and Harajuku style icon who we’ve snapped many times before. The ever-so-stylish 20-year-old agreed to pose for us once again, and we found out what she was wearing:

Una paired an oversized resale sweater she picked up at Pin Nap with an oversized acid wash denim jacket with Paris and the Eiffel Tower on the back in rhinestones (similar to her New York acid wash jacket which we snapped previously). Una got her Moschino backpack and the Fila knitted cap at the Harajuku resale shop Kinsella, and she’s wearing colorful nail art. Her tall buckle boots were also bought from Pin Nap – which is one of Una’s favorite places to shop, along with Bubbles.

She told us that her favorite singer is Michael Jackson. You can follow Una on Twitter if you like.

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  1. Damn cool as always! I’m in love with her shoes

  2. Victoria Moore

    She looks like an ’80s disco queen. Very adorable.

  3. can anyone tell me which brand is her denim jacket? please link me if you know where i can buy it ˆ˚ˆ