Harajuku Style w/ Half-Colored Hair, Bow Headband, Batman Vintage Tee, Thank You Mart Backpack & Sinz Radio Bag

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo one afternoon is Miyabilly, the 18-year-old fashion college student we often feature on our street snaps.

Wearing two-tone colored hair styled up in twin tails, Miyabilly stepped out in a vintage Batman tee – a souvenir from LA – a resale hotpink skirt cinched with a wide black belt. Sheer socks with contrast white trims and dark green leather heeled loafers rounded out her style. She accessorized her look with a black bow headband, a silver lock necklace layered with a pink beaded necklace, a heart bracelet, a couple of friendship bracelets and a butterfly cocktail ring. In addition, Miyabilly is carrying a red Sinz radio sling bag and a purple Thank You Mart backpack with a clear front pocket embellished with colorful badges.

Sinz is Miyabilly’s favorite fashion label, and she likes the music of X Japan. For her social media updates, follow Miyabilly on Twitter and Instagram.

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