Harajuku Cat Street Styles w/ Iron Maiden & Marilyn Manson Band Shirts, M.Y.O.B., LHP, Gucci, Kenzo & Demonia Platforms

While on Cat Street in Harajuku, we came across Mappi and Sagumo, 16-year-old Japanese high school students whose all black street styles easily caught our eye.

Sporting a blunt bob is Mappi, whose all black look consists of an Iron Maiden t-shirt, worn underneath a vintage long sleeve cape with wide collar and cuffs, and paired with tailored shorts from Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand, H&M. Black socks of mismatched length, platform lace-up shoes from Demonia, a Gucci logo-print sling bag, and accessories from LHP such as a single earring and a thick chain necklace completed his outfit. Mappi’s favorite fashion brand is Gucci and he likes the music of South Korean rapper, G-dragon. Mappi is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, pink-haired Sagumo is dressed in a vintage Marilyn Manson t-shirt, paired with a high-waisted midi skirt from M.Y.O.B. which features a pleated panel, button embellishments, and a grommet belt. She finished off her look with black socks, platform lace-up shoes from Demonia, a blue zebra-print crossbody bag, and accessories from M.Y.O.B such as a Mickey Mouse leather cap, a single silver earring, and a silver wallet chain. Japanese streetwear brand, M.Y.O.B is Sagumo’s fashion favorite, and she enjoys the music of G-dragon. Sagumo is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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