Harajuku Girls Street Styles w/ Red Cowboy Hat, Miho Matsuda, Marilyn Monroe Skirt, Demonia, Killstar, HellcatPunks, Kera & Yosuke Boots

We met Roku and Junna – wearing bold red-and-black styles – on the street in Harajuku. Let’s take a closer look at their individual ensembles:

At the left we have Junna, a 20-year-old student. She is clad in a black Miho Matsuda jacket with ruffle-edged lapels, worn over a black bow top, and styled with bottom layers consisting of a short red plaid skirt with ruffled hems and bow accents, and a long plaid skirt with dog prints, both of which are vintage/resale pieces. Black socks layered with white ruffle socks, Demonia platform shoes, and a Killstar floral print handbag rounded out her ensemble. Junna embellished her style with accessories – some from HellcatPunks – such as plaid bow hair ties, a black leather choker with a cherry pendant, a black leather harness on her waist, and multiple knuckle rings. For more of her streetwear looks, follow Junna on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Roku – a Japanese Pop Idol – is dressed in a red cropped motorcycle jacket from Kera, which she wore over a vintage black lace blouse. She slipped into a Marilyn Monroe print skirt, donned black fishnet tights, and stepped into a pair of red leather knee-high lace-up heeled boots from Yosuke. Roku styled up her hair in twin braids underneath a red cowboy hat and embellished her style with accessories – from Vivienne Westwood and Dr. Martens – such as red hair bows, multiple earrings, and multiple rings. In addition, Roku is carrying a red oversized heart-shaped bag from Sinz. Roku lists Vivienne Westwood and Milk as her fashion favorites, and she likes listening to Luna Sea. Roku is also active on Twitter and Instagram, check her out!

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