Harajuku Guy in Sub-Age Sweatshirt, Comme des Garcons, Plenty of Water & SokKyo

Ryo is a 20-year-old student – wearing an all-black outfit and long hair – who we snapped in Harajuku.

Ryo’s Japanese souvenir jacket is vintage. His sweatshirt is by the brand Sub-Age, bought from Cannabis Tokyo. He is also wearing Comme des Garcons pants, a Plenty of Water oversized knit bag and SokKyo necklace both bought from Noppelabo in Osaka, and Nike ACG sneakers.

Ryo told us his favorite places to shop are Hiro, Sub-Age, TTT_MSW, Sasquatch Fabrix and Nopplelabo, and that he likes listening to Number Girl and group_inou. You can follow him on Instagram to find out more.

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