Harajuku Girls w/ Twin Tails, Swimmer, My Little Pony & 90884 Accessories

These two students are Tsunamayomilk and Sato. They’re wearing matching jackets from the kawaii Japanese brand Swimmer with twin tails. When we met them in Harajuku, they told us that they are both fans of Johnny’s West. Both girls are students.

Tsunamayomilk is the girl pictured to the right, and she’s 16 years old. She is wearing a Listen Flavor t-shirt with a My Little Pony print Spinns skirt. Her striped backpack is from Swimmer and her sneakers are GU. Her accessories are from Haruka Kurebayashi’s brand 90884 – including Decora hair accessories, two heart rings, and layered necklaces. She told us she likes to shop at Swimmer, Spinns, and WEGO. For more info, find Tsunamayomilk on Twitter and Instagram.

Sato – pictured to the left – is 14 years old. She is wearing a unicorn t-shirt from Spinns with a tutu from Sevens. Her “princess” backpack is from WEGO and her ankle boots are GU. She is wearing accessories from 90884 and Super Lovers – including a My Little Pony necklace,  earrings, rings, pins and keychains. Sato likes to shop at Swimmer, and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. I don’t really “get” this style (still, to each their own), but those sky blue, macaroon(?) earrings are really cute! ??