Harajuku Teen Group in Black & Eclectic Streetwear Fashion Styles

While out and about on the Harajuku streets, we met this group of teens who caught our eye with their different takes on streetwear fashion.

On the left is 16-year-old Nagumo, who is clad in a black outfit, featuring a Forever21 leather vest over a black long sleeve turtleneck top and cuffed pants from Uniqlo. He completed his ensemble with Dr. Martens lace up boots, a Christopher Nemeth envelope handbag, and silver knuckle rings. Christopher Nemeth is Nagumo’s favorite fashion label and he listens to the music of Lil Pump. Follow him on Instagram.

Next is 14-year-old Runa, whose outfit consists of a vintage khaki jacket, a blue t-shirt and orange leather skirt, both of which are from Kinji. She finsihed off with white socks, black buckle shoes, a Polo Sport see through handbag, and accessories such as a beret, sunglasses, and a grommet belt. Faith Tokyo is one of Runa’s favorite brands and she listens to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Runa is active on Twitter and Instagram.

At the middle is Kana, who is 14-years-old and is sporting an all black style. Her outfit consists of a One Spo distressed turtleneck sweater over a long sleeve shirt, a leather skirt form WEGO, thigh high black socks, WEGO platform lace up boots, and a black crossbody bag from Playboy. She accessorized with layered necklaces from Faith Tokyo. Kana’s favorite brand is Faith Tokyo and she loves the music of Twice.

Next up is 14-year-old Minami, who is sporting an all black ensemble. She is dressed in a ribbed turtleneck top (she bought it somewhere in Harajuku), Don Quixote satin pants, purple socks and babydoll shoes, also bought in Harajuku. Her accessories – from Faith Tokyo – include a satin choker, silver necklaces, and a grommet belt. She is also carrying a GU tassel bag. Minami’s favorite brands is Faith Tokyo and she likes the music of BTS. Follow her on Instagram.

Lastly, we have 15-year-old Mawoni, who is dressed in a purple jacket from Kinji, over a Faith Tokyo sleeveless turtleneck top, and a plaid skirt from King Family. A black sling bag with mesh front pocket, cream sandals, and sunglasses – all from King Family – completed her outfit. Faith Tokyo, Kinji and Oh Pearl are Mawoni’s favorite brands and she likes the music of Kiss. Follow her on Twitter.

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