Harajuku Teen Vintage Streetwear w/ Pinnap, Peco Club, Mercari, Yosuke, Decotrand, 6%DOKIDOKI, ACDC, WC, Thank You Mart & Tokyo Bopper

We spotted a group of stylish teenagers, whose colorful hair and impressive street styles caught our attention in Harajuku.

On the left is Soso in a bright purple graphic tee from Pinnap tucked into denim shorts from Peco Club. The 16-year-old student also wore white socks, Nike white sneakers, and large eyeglasses. Loose curls and a clear crossbody bag from Thank You Mart completed his casual look. Soso gets his favorite fashion pieces from Pinnap, Peco Club, and Youth Loser. He also enjoys music from Momoiro Clover Z, and regularly posts social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Next to him is Mawoni, whose long blue hair was enough to make her stand out in a crowd. She donned a vintage graphic T-shirt tucked into Mercari flared pants with multicolored floral print. The 16-year-old student styled them with a neon green belt, Yosuke black platform shoes, and a large colorful fish bag from Mercari. She finished off her look with bright red lips, red and black nails, and hand-me-down accessories. Mawoni gets her style inspiration from vintage shops, and she loves listening to Japanese rock band Judy and Mary. For more on Mawoni, follow her on both Instagram and Twitter.

In the middle is Teyanyan with bright green hair, colorful eye makeup, and bright blue lips. The 16-year-old student stepped out in a blue Adidas shirt with white trims and the brand’s logo on the chest. Teyanyan tucked it into vintage black wide-leg pants bought in Koenji and secured with a black leather belt. He completed his look with a Decotrand blue transparent crossbody bag, Hello Kitty socks, Nike x Supreme sneakers, and 6%DOKIDOKI accessories. Follow Teyanyan on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his social media updates.

Next to him is Miori, whose eye-catching outfit boasted of mixed prints and bright hues. She wore a romper with a multicolored graphic print from ACDC over a T-shirt with rainbow stripes from WC. The 17-year-old student styled them with a black waist bag and white platform wedge shoes from Tokyo Bopper. She styled her hair in twin braided buns adorned with a large red bow. Bright red lips and colorful accessories from 6%DOKIDOKI provided the finishing touches to her look. Miori gets her fashion inspiration from The Four-Eyed, and she likes listening to music from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more on Miori, follow her on both Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, Harubo was dressed in a 717 crisp white button-up shirt with short sleeves and a blue printed chest pocket. She wore it over a vintage printed crop top and vintage black flared pants. The 16-year-old student also wore vintage silver glitter creepers with black laces and studded embellishments. She finished off her look with green hair, bright pink lips, and a Coach brown leather crossbody bag. As for her favorites, Harubo loves clothing brand UNIF and music from South Korean group Blackpink. Harubo is also active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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