Harajuku Trio’s Joyrich, Chris Habana & Care Bears Apparel

Here’s a stylish group of students that we photographed in Harajuku. The guy on the right is 17-year-old Haruhisa. He’s wearing a distressed denim vest and stonewashed jeans from Joyrich with a black Uniqlo hoodie. Accessories include oversized glasses from Giuliano Fujiawara, an eye-catching Chris Habana hat with a plastic 666 logo and silver hoop earrings. His backpack is from Joyrich x Giza and his shoes are Adidas x Jeremy Scott.

The girl in the center is Funaki. She’s wearing a Care Bear jacket from the flea market over a negligee dress. She’s also wearing white fishnet tights from Gmarket with white socks and black creepers from Rakuten. Her tote bag is from Nadia. Accessories from 6%DokiDoki include a bat ring, a large heart ring and a plush muffler.

The girl on the left with tattoo tights, white platform shoes and a hair bow from Avano. Her outfit includes a white cardigan from Kinji, a white shirt from Nadia and a lace dress from Spinns. Her bag is from American Apparel.

When we asked the trio about their fashion favorites, Haruhisa said he likes GR8, Funaki named New York Joe and Avano mentioned American Apparel. When it comes to music, Haruhisa likes Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, Funaki likes Tokyo Incidents and Avano likes Radwimps. If you read Japanese, you can follow Haruhisa, Funaki and Avano on Twitter.

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  1. The girl on the left totally pulls off the platform converse. I love them and the tights she’s wearing.