Harajuku Duo in Twin Tails w/ New York Joe Exchange, San-biki no Koneko, Creamy Mami, Ribbons & Bows

We met this duo – both wearing colorful outfits and twin tails – in Harajuku. Here is what we found out about them:

Ayapi – 20 years old with orange hair – is wearing a ruffle top from New York Joe Exchange and a dress from Sindee. Her ruffled bag and flower-ribbon sneakers are both remakes. Her pins (Supergirl, My Little Pony, Creamy Mami & more), bracelets and earrings are from San-biki no Koneko. She likes shopping at New York Joe Exchange and Kinji, and she’s a fan of Suiyoubi no Campanella. Visit her on Instagram to find out more.

Satoyupi is 21 and he’s a freeter. He’s wearing layered tops from H&M and a resale shop, with New York Joe Exchange shorts and an Adidas tote bag. His creepers are resales, his socks are from Swimmer, and his accessories (including a Garfield tie, Perfume pin, and Simpsons plush charm) are from Thank-You Mart and resale shops. He likes shopping at New York Joe Exchange and Kinji (same as Ayapi) and he listens to Perfume, Capsule and techno music in general.

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