Harajuku Twins in Matching Blue & Pink Fashion & Giant Whistles

Momo and Hana are 15-year old twins – wearing pink and blue matching styles – who we met on the street in Harajuku.

The twins wore matching outfits – inspired by young Japanese student wear – which consisted of long sleeved Peter Pan shirts in baby blue and pink colors, dark blue knee length shorts, striped socks and baby doll shoes. Their drawstring bags are band goods from Arashi. Their colorful accessories which they bought in Harajuku include pinned badges, oversized sunglasses, yellow hats (like the ones that Japanese elementary school students wear) and large necklace whistles. They also wore hair ribbons of blue and red for their twin braids.

Momo and Hana both love shopping at WEGO and San to Nibun no Ichi. Also, they both love listening to Arashi. Follow the twins on Twitter. You can also follow Momo’s Twitter and Hana’s Twitter individually.

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