Harajuku Student in Vanquish Skirt, Cowl, ANAP & WEGO Creepers

Yumiko was looking stylish in black and white when we spotted her in Harajuku. She told us she is 17 and that she’s a student.

Yumiko is wearing a knee length skirt from Vanquish with a star print t-shirt from MCM and a coat from Album. Her white tote bag was bought at American Apparel. She is wearing her WEGO creepers with white socks, matching her ANAP cap. Yumiko is also wearing a long gold earring with a small mask charm, and a knitted cowl (seeing quite a few of these this winter).

We asked her where she likes to shop, and we found that she likes Nadia and 3rd by Vanquish best. Her favorite music is R&B and hip hop.

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