Harajuku Duo in Vintage Fashion w/ Items from Linetta, Crisp, Lowrys Farm & Dr. Martens

While walking around the streets in Harajuku, we came upon these two girls sporting vintage street fashion. They are Saoyan (a student) and Sunayan (a company employee). Let’s have a closer peek at what they’re wearing.

Blonde-haired Saoyan – at the right – sported an vintage style used/resale outfit that includes a printed sweater, a belted midi skirt, white socks and cognac fringe loafers. Her accessories include a grey beret and a colorblock handbag. Follow Saoyan on her Instagram account for her personal snaps.

At the left, Sunayan’s outfit features corset ribbed top from Linetta, pink velvet drawstring pants from Crisp, and painted Dr. Martens boots. Her accessories include a floral, embroidered cap, pink tassel earrings, a small pendant necklace, and a cocktail ring. Her faux fur handbag is from Lowrys Farm. Sunayan loves to shop at Crisp. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Jas Denet

    They both look so pretty! I especially love Saoyans outfit. I want that skirt!