Harajuku Girls in WEGO Denim Overalls, Tattoo Necklaces, Twin Buns & Sneakers

These cutely styled girls were wearing matching outfits – including twin buns hairstyles, tattoo necklaces, and hypnosis glasses – when we spotted them on the street in Harajuku. Both of them are 14 years old, they’re students, and they both like the Japanese musical group Hey!Say!JUMP.

Pictured to the left is Marin, whom you can find on Twitter. Her whole outfit is from WEGO, her favorite shop, including a smiley face t-shirt, denim overalls, a hoodie, clear backpack, sneakers, and accessories. She’s also carrying an Arashi tote bag.

Pictured to the right, we have Minami, who is also active on Twitter. She is wearing an outfit from WEGO, except for her Adidas backpack and Nike sneakers.

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