Harajuku Trio in WEGO, Spinns & Joyrich w/ Bart Simpson & Powerpuff Girls

We met this stylish group of friends on the street in Harajuku. Here’s what we found out about their outfits:

Yuya – the guy pictured to the left – is a 20-year-old student. His black shirt, pants and creepers are all from WEGO, worn with a rucksack from Spinns and a neck bow. He told us his favorite shops are Joyrich and WEGO, and his favorite band isĀ Sekai no Owari. Find out more about him by following him on Twitter.

Pictured to the right with the bob hairstyle is Madomi. She’s a 17-year-old student. Madomi is wearing a WEGO shirt with a resale midi skirt. Her rucksack and platform sandals are from SpinnsĀ (worn with socks). She is also wearing delicate rings, and told us that she’s active on Twitter.

Nao is the girl with pink hair tips. A 19-year-old college student, she also works in apparel. Her animal-print jacket and Bart Simpson t-shirt are from Joyrich, while her shorts are a resale. Her tote bag is from WEGO (with a My Little Pony keychain and Powerpuff Girls patch), her platform sneakers are Converse, and her choker and rings are Forever21. Visit Nao’s Twitter to get more information on her.

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