Harajuku Yuki Fans w/ Prints, World Wide Love & Cat Accessories

We met Shinoka and Ayumi in Harajuku. These two 18 year old students caught our eye with a combination of prints, dyed hair and cute accessories.

Shinoka is the girl with lilac hair and a red bow headband. She is wearing a knee-length neon print dress, which is a resale, with a patent belt from Katie and a red cardigan from Uniqlo. She matched the cardigan and headband with red resale shoes paired with white socks. We also noticed her rose ring and a Cabane de Zucca watch. Shinoka told us that her favorite places to shop are G2?, Diesel and Milk, and that she’s a fan of Paramore and Yuki.

Her friend, Ayumi, wears a lemon dress with a cat eye print jacket on top, both of which she got at World Wide Love. She accessorized with a kitty pendant and a longer, bead necklace, a bow hair pin and a furry animal print bag. She has knee length boots from Axes Femme, with lace details, and two subtle rings on her fingers. Like Shinoka, Ayumi likes Yuki, but her favorites also include Galileo Galilei and May J.

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  1. Where can I find the boots in America?どこで、米国でブーツを見つけることができますか?