Harry Potter Inspired All-Black Halloween Fashion in Harajuku

Seonho and Mizu looked amazing in their all black outfits when we spotted them on the street in Harajuku. Talking with them, we found that they were on their way to a Halloween party, and that Mizu’s outfit was partially inspired by Harry Potter – as you can see in the final picture where she cast a spell on us with the wand that was hidden inside of her staff!

Seonho – wearing cool black lipstick – is a Bunka Fashion College student and model, and he’s 19. He’s on Twitter as @crash_changer, if you want to follow him. Here, he’s wearing a resale shirt with Uniqlo skinny jeans and a faux-fur coat from Tasso. His white, studded bag is Nudy Boy and the studded platform boots are Demonia. Seonho accessorized with lots of jewelry, including a barb wire necklace and several rings, which he got at Zen Mall and Yellow House. Alongside Demonia, Yellow House is one of his favorite places to shop. He’s a Marilyn Manson fan and likes rock music in general.

Mizu is 23 and she’s a remake fashion designer. Her hooded cape is handmade, and she wore it over a graphic t-shirt from Boy London, and a midi skirt from Uniqlo. She’s carrying a brown bag and a canvas one by Boy Tokyo, with canvas ankle boots. She got her accessories at Milk Boy, Giza and Boy Tokyo, including earrings, layered rope and metal necklaces with an Egyptian pendant, a green skull bracelet, rings, and a cane. Mizu does her shopping at Giza, GR8 and Spinns, and likes listening to Perfume and Capsule. For more information about her, visit her website, Harajyukuya.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmm… Can I take Seonho home? He’s a cutie! :3