Haruka Kurebayashi’s Super-Kawaii Pink Hair & Fashion in Harajuku

Here is one of the most consistently kawaii girls in Harajuku – Kera Magazine model, artist, and indie fashion designer Haruka Kurebayashi! We’ve been street snapping Kurebayashi (also known as “90884”) for several years now. Her outfits – and sweet personality – always brighten our day.

Kurebayashi is wearing a silver motorcycle jacket over a print top with a colorful tulle skirt, teddy bear tattoo tights, striped bow socks, and blue platforms. Accessories include lots of kawaii hair bows, a lace collar, and a cute panda doll from SOL Harajuku (with whom Kurebayashi has done fashion collaborations). Kurebayashi’s cute pink and blue heart-shaved-into-the-side hairstyle is by the famous Tokyo salon Viva Cute Candy.

If you’re a fan of Harajuku fashion, definitely follow Kurebayashi on Twitter or check out her official blog.

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  1. Mikiyayachan

    Awwww, soooo cool!!!
    I love the Panda and Tatoo tights>33

  2. WestwoodBlues

    The whole outfit is quite cool, but I find the association between the platforms and the socks particularly successful ! Love it !

  3. When I look at this it makes me think of anime lol cute

  4. sapato de tom azul perfeito =3
    a saia e o cabelo da Kurebayashi também estão muito cool ! ~~
    curti muito as tonalidades das cores =]