Heather, Retro Girl & Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring

This Japanese girl with a red fedora and black thigh highs is Mai, an 18-year-old high school student. She’s wearing a cropped double-breasted jacket from Heather and a pleated red miniskirt from Retro Girl. Her short high heel boots from Auntie Rosa are laced up with pieces of lace.

Her accessories include a Vivienne Westwood armor ring. She’s wearing a dark brown backpack that’s embossed with a reptile skin pattern.

She told us her favorite musical group is the heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine.
Heather, Retro Girl & Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring

Red fedora and Heather double-breasted jacket

Short red hair & red hat

Reptile skin backpack

Black nails & Vivienne Westwood armor ring

Auntie Rosa shoes tied with lace

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  1. NekoSheila

    I like it. Its simple with a bit of an edge to it.

  2. ezra vilda

    kawaii ne >,<
    especially for hair style & earring XD

  3. For some reason she SCARES me…n I think she would BEAT me up!

  4. I love this whole outfit, but especially the thigh highs, wish I had the legs to wear them… -_-” haha

  5. Her outfit is really great! I love the pops of red, it’s really lovely ! I’m also really digging the ribbon laves in her shoes, they add a girly touch to the outfit.

  6. Wow, totally awesome outfit! Love all of it and it suits her really well.
    And the lace on the shoes.. <3

  7. her skirt should’ve been wrinkle-free, but that’s just me…

    she looks good, nonetheless! ♥

  8. Wow, awesome style, I’m always impressed of Japanese sense of fashion, style. They are always extraordinary))
    And here are the photos of beautiful girls (http://www.streetsweety.com/) from the streets in Ukraine.

  9. loving the colors..(colors i wear alot )…Jacket luv!! gonna make this outfit! :)