HEIHEI Harajuku Girls in Plaid Ruffle Dresses, Bows, Berets, Akira Uno, Hello Kitty Waist Bag & Tokyo Bopper

Here’s Ruan and Mami, two Japanese girls whose colorful plaid HEIHEI streetwear styles easily caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

At the left is Ruan, an 18-year-old student, HEIHEI staff, Cinema and Boy CQ. She stepped out in a blue plaid HEIHEI long sleeve ruffle dress, black socks, and a pair of red Tokyo Bopper flower cut-out shoes. She accessorized her look with a plaid orange beret and a plaid scarf artfully tied into a large bow at her neck. Both plaid items are also from HEIHEI. In addition, Ruan is carrying a canvas tote bag with an art print from Akira Uno. She loves the popular HEIHEI fashion brand, and she likes the music of Nature Danger Gang. Follow Ruan on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mami – also a HEIHEI staff – is dressed in a long sleeve orange plaid blouse with floral sleeves, a ruffled turtleneck and collared bow, which she paired with a red plaid skirt, both of which are from HEIHEI. The 19-year-old finished off her look with black glitter socks, black velvet bow sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, a red Hello Kitty plaid waist bag, a blue plaid beret, and multiple silver earrings. Like Ruan, Mami loves all things HEIHEI. Mami is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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