Hennyo Girls w/ Matching Heart Sunglasses, Melon & Lactose Intoler-art

Ai and Mashimo are two students – wearing kawaii matching outfits with twin buns and heart shaped sunglasses – who we met in Harajuku. Ai plays drums, Mashimo plays guitar, and they both sing in their own poppy punky J-Pop band Hennyo. Check out one of Hennyo’s recent concerts in this super fun YouTube video:


When we talked to them in Harajuku, Ai told us that she’s 20, and Mashimo said she’s 21. Their t-shirts and comics print skirts are by Melon, bought from Mouse, and worn with red suspenders. Their matching bags are from Lactose Intoler-art, and their red sneakers are Converse. They are also wearing accessories from their favorite brand, Melon: neon cat print tights, star shaped earrings, bracelets, rings and headbands.

The girls said told us that their favorite music is their own band, Hennyo. You can find them on Facebook for more information.

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  1. Fun fun!
    Hennyo now has a fan in Holland.


  2. They are the best thing I’ve seen today. So cool! And so pretty :)

  3. So kawii. :3. btw if I don’t put kitty face that means I don’t like it that much I comment that is it but this is so kawii.: 3