H>Fractal Graphic Top & Studded Tweed Hat

This is 22-year-old Kou, who is a fan of the H>Fractal brand. She’s wearing skinny black pants with a bold black-and-white graphic top over a black shirt, all from H>Fractal. Her black high heel lace up boots are from Dr. Martens.

Kou’s accessories include a stylish tweed hat decorated with black studs and a black leather triangle on a silver chain necklace from H>Fractal. She’s also wearing a bracelet made from a zipper. Her blue-and-white graphic print bag is from H>Fractal.
H>Fractal Graphic Top in Harajuku

H>Fractal top & necklace

Japanese girl w/ studded tweed hat

H>Fractal graphic bag in Harajuku

Zipper bracelet

Dr. Martens high heel boots

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  1. Great look! Especially love the t-shirt/top + hat +bracelet! Her look would rock it in London.