H>Fractal Staffer in ACV & FFYR Accessories

This is Siva, who works at H>Fractal’s LaForet select store. He’s outfitted in a zippered coat, ACV graphic tunic from H>Fractal and black pants from Phenomenon. His accessories and jewelry from ACV and FFYR (purchased at H>Fractal) include a gray knit cap, a bandana stole around his neck and some striking earrings and rings. He’s also wearing black leather wingtip boots.

Siva told us his favorite fashion brands and shops are ACV, FFYR, ACV and H>Fractal and his favorite music genre is hip hop. He invites you to visit the H>Fractal website.
H>Fractal Staffer in ACV & FFYR Accessories

Bandana stole

H>Fractal earrings & knit cap

Gold & leather rings

Phenomenon pants & black wingtip boots

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  1. Love! the trousers and the bandana stole and the piercings and everything :) Very cool look. :)

  2. Like the look :-) And I love the boots I’m still looking for a pair :P

  3. Love every thing, he pairs items up very well. First when I see his name I think Siva – former dancer on GACKT’s band.

  4. I want that leather ring and his pants also his jacket

  5. Let’s meet somewhere in Europe?..In Lithuania for example.