Hi-Standard Fan w/ Retro Skater Style & Vintage Vans in Harajuku

Meet Naotaro, a stylish guy we saw in Harajuku recently. He’s a fan of the Tokyo Funks Japanese skate collective, and his retro skate style reflects the Tokyo Funks aesthetic.

In addition to his long black hair, Naotaro is wearing a jacket, cap, and tank from Buttstain (an old school 80s/90s skate brand) with a World’s End hoodie and Vans shorts. He is also wearing striped tube socks with a pair of old Vans spiderweb print sneakers and a minimal ring.

Naotaro’s favorite brand is Buttstain via Tokyo Funks. He’s a punk music fan, and his favorite band is Hi-Standard. Find out more about him by following his Instagram.

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