Himitsu Kessya Ririan w/ Braids-&-Bangs Hairstyle, Studded Platforms & Panda Bag

This originally-styled Japanese girl – with an awesome braids-and-bangs hairstyle – is named Ririan. She told us that she works for “Himitsu Kessya” (Secret Society), which appears to be the name of her indie accessories/fashion brand.

Ririan is wearing a tied blouse with large polka dots over a gray top with kanji printed on it, a pannier over what looks like a skirt that matches the polka dot top, and fantastic studded platforms (worn with ruffle socks) from Tokyo Bopper. Ririan said that she bought all of the items in her outfit (except the shoes) resale, with some of them coming from neuf. Accessories include a heart-shaped leopard print hair clip, several buttons, and a wide studded leather bracelet. Some of her accessories are from Himitsu Kessya. She’s also carrying two bags – a backpack with a smiley face and a cute fuzzy panda handbag. One of the bags was purchased resale at Southpaw.

Ririan told us that her favorite fashion brands include Tokyo Bopper, Southpaw, and – of course – Himitsu Kessya. Her favorite music is from the J-Rock band No Hitter. If you’d like to know more about Ririan, and/or to follow her fashion brand and her own personal adventures around Tokyo, check out her official blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She knows her coordination stuff, you can just tell. :O Black-and-white coord with PANDA PURSE, the girl is a legit pro.

  2. 羨ましい 羨ましい!!! >。< ちょっと可愛いよおおおおおおおおおおおおおお! ^_^ そんなふくがよしいよ!

  3. Wow! check that out! I actually LOVE this :O She’s so unique! I love the braids, the polka-dot tie top, the subtlity of the studs on her shoes and wrists, the black&white theme that isn’t overpowering and the panda:D We’d so be friends!!!

  4. she is very cute.

    my name is also pandaman his came to say pandaman.

    most beautiful very beautiful japan.any more

    love you say pandaman.

  5. She’s so cute. I love her layered skirts and makeup.
    Sublte yet strong. <3