Hirari Ikeda w/ Blonde Hair, Vive Vagina & Dog Harajuku Sweater

Here’s someone who longtime readers of this website will recognize instantly – it’s our good friend Hirari Ikeda! Hirari works at the famous Dog Harajuku boutique, attends beauty school, and has become a bit of a Tokyo street style icon.

When we ran into Hirari at night in Shibuya, she was wearing a knit sweater with extra sleeves from Dog Harajuku and black boots. Her accessories include a cool bag made out of an old Supertramp vinyl record (also from Dog), large graphic earrings, a bracelet from Sioux of Vive Vagina, and her recent throat piercing.

If you’d like to know more about Hirari, you can check out her popular personal Tumblr (not safe for work) or follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Ohh i’ve missed hirari! she’s so awesome :D
    Her style is always different and outstanding.
    Has anyone realized she looks like Juria and totally could be her older sister LOL

  2. Don’t quite get the 6-arm sweater, or the neck piercing, but to each their own, right? She’s still a beautiful girl.

  3. ❥ That sweater looks so nice ,❤ I really like her style in this …Very pretty ♥

  4. Haha, love your “not safe 4 work” hint!!! But when i first looked at her tumblr i was quite surprised as well… =D

  5. Dreaded Queen

    I didn’t even notice that the sweater had extra arms lmfao !!! I miss her purple eyebrows. Love the new haircut but not feeling that neck piercing.

  6. Dat piercing. No, just… no.
    Also it looks like there are arms coming out of her breasts because of the sweater, LOL.
    I like her from the chin up :D

  7. Johanness

    Yay! More from Ikeda-san! Love her style, she looked amazing with longer hair, but the new do, looks phenomenal! Her new piercing, I thought was a chocker necklace, actually suits the outfit, but probably not the safest…

    The sweater is something else, it’s definitely eye-catchingly different, though! Her make-up and hair, always look amazing, Love her so much! :’}


  8. OMG, I love her so much! Her style is amazing and she’s one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Her neck piercing is kinda creepy but I think it suits Hirari really well.

  9. Ikeda-san is by far the coolest person in Japan (imho) XD

  10. I can’t comment on her outfit because I’m imagining all the horrible things that could happen with that piercing. I realllllly hope she considers putting a laberet in when going to lives xD

  11. that piercing is horrid… but well, live and let live.
    she is very beautiful and i love the style otherwards.

  12. Woah she’s so pretty <3_<3
    I love her hair and makeup (and her face in general). I don't really get the six-armed sweater, but it's a really pretty color and looks great on her so I'll just go with it ^_^

  13. I love Hirari because she always dares to be slightly different from what other trends girls are wearing! She always seems like she’s one step ahead….

  14. megmichelle

    I love those boots does anyone know what brand? and that neck piercing is…terrifying.

  15. Just love her and her style so much! Am i the only one who thinks her neck piercing isn’t gross? She’s beautiful!