Hirari Ikeda w/ Hi Tek London Telephone Bag From Dog Harajuku

Here’s one of our all time favorite Harajuku Girls – the one-and-only Hirari Ikeda! Hirari doesn’t follow Japanese street style trends, she creates them – so we try to keep a close eye on her daily transformations. In fact, since we took these snaps, Hirari has changed her hairstyle from green to blonde braids. You can also keep an eye on her style by following Hirari on Twitter, Tumblr (not safe for work), or Instagram.

In these Harajuku snaps, Hirari is wearing a colorful outfit from Dog Harajuku (where she works) with Buffalo x Moonspoon Saloon platform boots. Accessories include sea shell earrings and a cool telephone handbag by Hi Tek London she picked up at Dog Harajuku. Hirari’s dramatic and creative makeup always adds to her look.

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  1. Amazing style! I like the orange touch all over ;) and the hairstyle+makeup too :)

  2. I pretty much adore everything about Hirari. Her face alone is a statement. This look is like an awesome piece of graphic art, withlegs ^_^

  3. Dreaded_Queen

    Wow Hirari looks better than ever. She has more confidence and poses very well. Loving the hair and makeup! Also love that telephone bag nice

  4. Hirari is always stunning. The way she combines colors, trends, shapes and styles… not everyone can do what she does. She’s a walking piece of art and when she’s photographed, her personality shines through. I’m a big fan of her, she’s amazing.

  5. Lightning

    the side profile looks awesome, also her hair is very stylish ;-))