Hirari Ikeda w/ Marilyn Monroe Hoodie & Graphic Sweater in Harajuku

This is someone who fans of Japanese street fashion will recognize right away – Hirari Ikeda! We bumped into Hirari on the street in Harajuku while she was having a snack.

Hirari’s look features several items from Dog, the famous Harajuku boutique where she works. The outfit includes an amazing oversized sweater-jacket over a Marilyn Monroe print hoodie (also oversized), a long graphic dress, and chunky platform buckle boots.

For lots more pictures of Hirari, and to keep up with her adventures in Tokyo, follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram!

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  1. there’s just somehow been a cheerful vibe in hirari lately, don’t you guys think so?

    and she’s been into the western culture quite a bit i reckon, she’s instagramming in english and even changed her name order from ikeda hirari to hirari ikeda!

    maybe im just overlynoticing things but ya.. i still love her =) she’s so cute

  2. Ya, I’m always anticipating a post about Hirari! She’s always dynamic & never boring. She definitely deserves international recognition & attention for her style and unique aura.y

  3. I love her new boots, everything in her is always fun & new, I like how she always reinvent herself, Never boring!
    Love Hirari

  4. Dreaded_Queen

    Wow that’s a lot of layers. I wish we could see the dress underneath but I guess it’s cold out. I see Hirari took a break from the piercings. She can really pull together a look!!

  5. あくま悪魔

    Are those nicpanda doodles still on her?!(°_°)o

  6. Lightning

    her style is very refreshing ;-) her boots are always outstanding…