Hirari Ikeda in Shibuya w/ Braids & Studded Platforms

We often see Hirari Ikeda around Harajuku. But this time we ran into her in Shibuya, during a “Pop Icon Tokyo” event at Parco Shibuya.

Hirari is a Harajuku Style Icon, a fashion model (she appears in our new Fangophilia Lookbook Making-of Video), and she works at one of the most influential and cutting edge boutiques in all of Asia, Dog Harajuku. We didn’t get Hirari’s brand info this time, but it’s a safe bet that some of her items came from Dog. Her studded platforms are by the Harajuku footwear brand Tokyo Bopper.

If you don’t follow her on social media already, you should! Find Hirari Ikeda on Tumblr (not safe for work), Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. i think she looks pretteier with a short haircut….somehow i think this isnt her best styling…

  2. I loved this new photos in different angles!!!
    I think it’s more natural taking photos like that, rather than the standard way (body, close up, wrists, shoes, etc).
    Please keep on innovating TK ;)

  3. Victoria Moore

    She’s amazing! I really love her hair and makeup.

  4. christinpanda

    Ikeda is always perfect! So avantgarde but cite at the same tme! Such a strong personality.

  5. Sasutomato

    She always looks like a completely different person everytime I see her. I really like her hair. Its a wow factor. Her clothing compliment the hair and make up.

  6. Amazing jacket! <3 I wan to to have something with the same pattern :D

  7. Alexis M.

    Her hair her outfit those shoes ooohhhh everything’s just perfection XD!!!!

  8. Hirari seriously never fails to amaze me. She’s a visual feast

  9. Lamya666

    J’adore , j’adére complétement avec ce look lool’