H&M, Phenomenon & Timberland

We photographed these stylish students in Harajuku. The 18-year-old guy on the left with purple highlights in his hair is wearing a red shirt and a purple satin jacket from Phenomenon and H&M. His abstract-print shorts are from a resale shop. He’s also wearing black tights, colorful socks and Timberland shoes.

His accessories include purple Arc Style sunglasses, a small silver earring, several silver rings and a necklace with a “&” pendant. His cool silver backpack is from Outdoor Products. He told us his favorite fashion brand is Doarat and likes the music of Rip Slyme.

The 19-year-old blonde guy on the right is wearing a long black sweater, white crochet scarf and graphic patchwork pants, all from resale shops. He also found his spiked bag at a resale shop. His accessories from GGD include an eyeball ring and 3 silver rings.
H&M, Phenomenon, Timberland & resale fashion

Red shirt & purple satin jacket

Purple Arc Style sunglasses

Silver Outdoor Products backpack

Silver sunburst rings

Resale shorts & Timberland shoes

Resale crochet scarf & bag

Guy with blonde & red hair

Spiked resale bag

GGD rings

Resale graphic pants & suede shoes

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  1. I love their hairs and their styles are funny !

  2. gotta love the guys hair! and the colors, ohh the colors

  3. The guy on the right is super attractive- lovin his hair. He looks good in those colors. These two are an interesting pair of friends. XD