H&M Skinny Pants & G-Shock Minis

This couple that we photographed in Harajuku each like to make a statement with their t-shirts. The red-haired guy on the right with cool sunglasses is Yuki Okuda, a 19-year-old student. His red skinny pants are from H&M. His graphic t-shirt from Labrat features art by Jamie Reid that depicts an infamous serial killer from the U.K. His red suede shoes are Vans.

Yuki’s black and gold bag is from the late designer Alexander McQueen. His white watch is a Casio G-Shock Mini. His favorite music is hip hop and he likes to shop at Forsta. You can Yuki’s Japanese website to find out more about him.

The cute girl on the left Meru, a 20-year-old student. Her eye-catching graphic t-shirt is from Zara. She’s wearing black skinny jeans and black Converse All Star shoes. She also has a white G-Shock Mini watch. Her Paul Smith cotton bag features a drawing of dancing skeletons.
H&M Skinny Pants & Graphic T-Shirts

Red hair, sunglasses & shock t-shirt

Alexander McQueen black & gold bag

H&M red skinny pants & red Vans

Eye-catching t-shirt

Paul Smith Jeans cotton bag

Black skinny jeans & Converse All Stars

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  1. oh wow, i wonder if he knows the story behind his shirt… it says “God Save Myra Hindley”. Myra Hindley was a British serial killer convicted for killing 5 children. o_o;

  2. Dominique

    It looks like how teens dress in america. I seen these kind of looks before.

  3. They dressed like half the emo kids in Britain, except I don’t think most people here would ever wear the t-shirt, we were taught about the Moor murders at school and pretty much everyone in the school was horrified after that lesson.

  4. Oooooh snap.
    I don’t think you’d catch anyone over here wearing that shirt.. the Moors Murders were just.. horrid… I don’t have any bad enough words to describe it…

    I know fashion is about pushing boundaries but hooooooooooo…

  5. fayeglamour

    Lol they dress like most American kids do. I’ve seen extream Japanese fashion and this doesn’t even cover it.
    this looks more like a casual wear that’s semi fashionable.

  6. Vilemercury

    They look like typical hipsters in the states~ xD

  7. Guessing he knows the story and thats why he’s wearing it. The font and the term god save is obviously referencing The Sex Pistols, he’s just being a lil punk.