Hysteric Glamour vs. Romantic Standard & G2?

Here are two cute Japanese girls with their own style. One the left is 18-year-old Raichi. She’s wearing an orange blouse that she borrowed from her mother and a black and orange print skirt from Hysteric Glamour. Her long black socks feature Vivienne Westwood logos. Her black high heel ankle boots are from Heather.

Raichi’s accessories include a leopard print belt and zebra print bag (also borrowed from her mother). An orange straw hat, cool sunglasses and a necklace made from large glass beads give this outfit some retro appeal.

On the right is 17-year-old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Carrie Pam Pam?) in an entirely different look. Her pink and black dress is from Romantic Standard and her silver leggings are from G2? Her pink and purple shoes and pink socks match her dress.

Kyary’s necklace is from Swimmer. She borrowed her colorful backpack from her mother.

Kyary has a popular Japanese language blog (with lots of cute pictures), which you can checkout here!

Both Raichi and Kyary are fans of Lady Gaga.

Hysteric Glamour & Vivienne Westwood vs. Romantic Standard & G2?

Lady Gaga fan in orange blouse & straw hat

Zebra print bag

Vivienne Westwood socks & Heather boots

Romantic Standard top & Swimmer necklace

Color blocked backpack

G2? silver leggings & pink socks

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  1. Supercool!! I’m in love with the Japanese style like that!

  2. Wow, they’re style is so unique. They are also incredibly beautiful girls xD

  3. They have done a nice job modeling! Confident ladies : )

  4. I adore the romantic standard look, even it looks for me like romatic-rock….great!!

  5. They’re good at modeling because Kyary models sometimes for Kera~ I love her style so much !

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  8. Girl at the right side (pink clothes) is sooo cute!!!!!!!^^