Ice Cream Top, Wego Cutoffs & Nadia Hat

This cute girl with twin ponytails is Mao, a 16-year-old student. Her white-on-white outfit includes an Ice Cream brand t-shirt with an ice cream cone graphic, cutoff shorts from Wego and a hat from Nadia. Her tights and lace-trimmed pastel socks are from TuTuanna and her high top sneakers are from Panama Boy.

Mao’s accessories include a bead and heart bracelet from Monomania and a tote bag with a cherry graphic from Katie.

We always like to hear where the people we snap like to shop. Mao said she buys from used and resale shops and other stores in Harajuku and that her favorite fashion source is Nadia. She also told us that she likes to listen to Amoyamo and the music of Tomoko Kawase under the names Tommy heavenly6 and Tommy february6.

Mao is active on Twitter as mao_bear.

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  1. Her socks and the pastel hints/accents in the outfit are so cute! The whole look is adorable. :)