Idea from Sosu, Nuur & Mihara Yasuhiro

This is Uratuji, a 24-year-old who works as a nurse. His striped red and white cotton shirt is from Idea from Sosu and his abstract print shorts are from Nuur. His accessories include glasses from Hakusan x Tenderloin on a string around his neck and a long knit scarf from Y’s.

Uratuji’s brown boots are from Mihara Yasuhiro. His large shoulder bag is an Idea from Sosus original. Besides Idea from Sosus, another of Uratuji’s favorite brands is Vonsono. His favorite type of music is J-Pop.
Idea from Sosu, Nuur & Mihara Yasuhiro

Idea from Sosu striped shirt & Y's knit scarf

Idea from Sosus original bag

Boots from Mihara Yasuhiro

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  1. I’m pretty sure this was taken in front of Ralph Lauren on Omotesando Dori – at the intersection of Cat Street. I think it just looks different because it’s dark. :-)

  2. The guy’s bags are bigger than the girls. Such a quirky look. The guys dress way more outrageously than the girls. No doubt!

  3. Yes, the bag is feminine..Not really my style but I do appreciate Tokyo for being more open to different styles for men and women without labeling it with sexuality. If a dude likes a bag, let him have it, no deeper meaning than that!