Ikumi Monochrome Style w/ Blunt Bob, Knit Cardigan, Sheer Skirt, Seams Jewelry Accessories, Quilted Sling & Lace-Up Shoes

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street is Tetsu, a 16-year-old student dressed in a monochrome outfit.

Sporting a blunt bob, Tetsu stepped out in an outfit from Ikumi, which consists of a long black knit cardigan, a light blue blazer, a black kanji print t-shirt, and a black ruffle skirt with a sheer panel. Long black ribbed socks, black leather lace-up shoes, and a black quilted Ikumi sling bag with custom hand-painted white writing completed his look. His accessories – mostly from Seams Jewelry – include large silver hoop earrings, a silver pendant ball chain necklace, a white chain necklace, and multiple rings rounded out his monochrome streetwear style.

Tetsu enjoys the music of South Korean boy group, Big Bang, and he is active on Instagram.

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