Indie J-Pop Singer in Bomber Jacket, Cheap Monday, MCM & New Balance

Yu-suke is one of the singers in the indie J-Pop band 3cro Adventure. We snapped him previously last year, and it’s always a pleasure to run into him in Harajuku. He is 27, and he’s wearing an outfit with pops of red.

Yu-suke’s Top Gun bomber jacket and the red shirt underneath are both resale pieces. His black jeans are Cheap Monday, while his brown, studded backpack is from MCM. He is also wearing a bat cap, square sunglasses and New Balance sneakers.

We found out that his favorite shops are Pin Nap and Joyrich, and that he loves K-pop, J-pop and hip-hop. Visit him on Twitter or on Facebook for more.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    He looks totally cool. I love his backpack and his kicks. Great style!

  2. Saw Mika the other day, 3cro Adventure theme? Awesome! Outfits, awesome!