Indie Japanese Fashion Designer’s Punk-inspired Style in Harajuku

This is the one-and-only Li Lium. We’ve taken Li Lium’s picture many times before – and he’s been known to fans of Tokyo street fashion for several years – so we were delighted when we spotted him in Harajuku.

Li Lium’s outfit includes a studded leather vest from the Japanese brand Blackmeans that he purchased at the cutting edge Harajuku boutique Acycle, a puffy sleeve top, boldly stitched and patched skinny pants from his own brand Libremente, and black leather boots by George Cox. His unique studded and patched backpack is also by his own fashion brand, Libremente. Accessories include round glasses, cross earrings, a knit cap, several silver skull rings, a turquoise ring, and a silver armor ring.

Li Lium told us that his favorite brands/shops right now include ADD, Acycle, and Laboratory / BerBerJin-R. If you’d like to know more about Li Lium or his indie fashion brand, check out the official website for Libremente (Japanese).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. ColtinCanada

    I realy enjoy looking at the backpack it looks amazing

  2. Amazing outfit!! One of the best ever!! The backpack is TO DIE FOR… <3

  3. Have to say – I’ve never seen a rucksack like this one in my whole life…for some reason I want it quite badly….:)

  4. ☆ Tenshi ☆

    I’m glad I was not the only person who saw a hint of Jack Sparrow <3
    Simply love it!

  5. Tell me the skull rings are original McQueen and the armor ring is original Vivienne Westwood! O_O

  6. >_< Vivienne ring! Other thing I like a lot is the shirt, has a pirate-like style ^^ Also the scarf(or whatever…)