Itaru Missile’s Fedora, Skulls from Thirteen Designs & Ear Spike

This is Itaru Missile, a 25-year-old band member. We noticed his skull-themed accessories when we saw him in Harajuku, including a silver chain necklace with a skull and crossbones closure, leather wristband with skull buckles, silver skull bracelet, small silver ear studs, 2 silver skull rings and a “13” ring. He told us that all these items came from Thirteen Designs. He also has a large ear spike and a stud below his lip.

Itaru has hung several items from his studded belt, including brass knuckles from Blackmeans, a Modern Pirates holster for his mobile phone and a leather pouch that wraps around his leg.

Itaru’s wearing a fedora hat and a pink athletic shirt from Raleigh with a pair of Levi’s. His cool boots with buckles and studs are from Red Wing. We asked Itaru about his favorite band and he told us it’s Shimokitazawa Outsiders.

You can find out more by following Itaru Missile on Twitter.

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  1. love his style so much, the holster and belts *___* where can i buy similar boots like his? i’ve been finding everywhere but they all have too sophisticated designs and are way too expensive ;_;

  2. Love those modern pirates phone holsters but there’s no way you could use one where I live, your phone would be gone within a day XP