iTokyoMe Monochrome Print Fashion, Emoda & Adidas in Harajuku

When we spotted Hiashi on the street in Harajuku, her matching geometric print outfit intrigued us. We found out that she is a 19-year-old student.

Hiashi’s print crop top and pants are from the Japanese brand i (also known as iTokyoMe). She’s wearing the iTokyoMe set with Emoda platforms, a resale bucket purse, SUPER Eyewear sunglasses, and an Adidas watch. For more info, you can find Hiashi on Twitter.

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  1. i like her fashion! i found her instagram.
    「HIASHI0802」 she so beautiful;)

  2. Will someone please tell me where I can purchase this outfit!? I’ve fallen in love!!

  3. She is cool and sexy. Reminds me of Kiko Mizuhara.