Japanese Artist Kuua w/ Pink Twintails & Piercings On The Street in Harajuku

Kuua is a popular Japanese artist whose work can be found on fashion and other goods that we often see on the street in Harajuku. She’s from Osaka, but we were lucky to meet her in Harajuku while she was in Tokyo for some live painting events.

In addition to her cute pink twintails and ribbons hairstyle, Kuua is wearing a plaid dress from Romantic Standard over a black Milk top and WC platforms with ruffle socks. Accessories – which came from Miruna-chan and Milk – include a cross necklace, facial piercings, a heart bracelet, fishnets, and a clear backpack from WEGO. Her iPhone case features her own artwork.

Kuua’s favorite fashion brand is Devilish and she likes the music of Syrup16g. Follow Kuua on Instagram and Twitter to see her popular art!

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  1. Kuua Enthusiast

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa FINALLY. I’ve been wanting her to show up here for so long. I love her so much omg