Japanese Artist’s Cote Mer Streetwear Style w/ Purple Hair, Patchwork Denim Jacket, Remake Tie-Dye Skinny Pants, Waist Bag, Silver Chains & Platform Barbwire Boots

Here’s Shiryu, a 19-year-old artist we see often in Harajuku.

Sporting purple hair underneath a graphic print cap, Shiryu is clad in a Cote Mer denim jacket with patchwork sleeves and embellishments, worn over a light grey printed t-shirt, also from Cote Mer. Remake purple tie-dyed skinny pants, platform leather lace-up shoes with barbed wire heel details, and a Cote Mer waist bag in matching print rounded off his outfit. Accessories such as a printed cap, silver spike earrings, a silver chain ring necklace, multiple knuckle rings and silver chains completed his look.

Shiryu likes listening to Faust, and he is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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