Japanese Avant-Garde Street Style w/ Dog Harajuku Remake Outfit, Snakeskin Sneakers & Handmade Tokyo Fashion Bag

Strolling along the Harajuku street one evening, our attention was riveted to Kanji, a 17-year-old student whose creative take on avant-garde street definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Kanji’s artfully executed style consists of a remake Dog Harajuku olive green quilted jacket with matching pants worn over a striped hooded raincoat. The quilted jacket features cutout sleeves and panels with contrast black zipper hems, bondage straps, plus creative artwork on the sleeves and chest panels. Meanwhile, the quilted pants also feature painted artwork, and are tucked into blue printed socks, and paired with Dog Harajuku snakeskin sneakers in mismatched colors and dragon embellishments. He finished his avant-garde fashion style with a peach-colored pleated headscarf, a colorful painted skull bottom face mask, and he is carrying a white handmade leather sling bag with a printed fabric embellishment, and a Tokyo Fashion cardboard artwork design attached on the front.

Fecal Matter, Dog Harajuku and Iris van Herpen are some of Kanji’s favorite fashion labels, and he likes he music of My First Story and Bump of Chicken. For more on his avant-garde street styles, visit Kyouda’s feed on Instagram and Twitter.

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