Japanese Barbie Girls in Shibuya

These super cute and fun Japanese girls were photographed near Miyashita Park in Shibuya. The girls told us that they love Barbie – and they weren’t kidding. Check out the quilted Barbie handbag, t-shirt, and who knows what else. As far as non-Barbie fashion, the girl on the left is wearing a white fedora hat, a black suspender skirt, black stockings, and black platform pumps. She is also wearing a silver Vivienne Westwood logo necklace. The girl on the right is wearing a black hoodie, denim miniskirt, thigh-high stockings, and black heels. Both girls are also wearing watches and both have intricate Shibuya style nails. Check the closeup pictures to see nail art details.

Cute Japanese Barbie Girls

Barbie Brand T-Shirt

Japanese Girl in Shibuya

Japanese Barbie Handbag

Fedora and Shibuya Nails

Pretty Pink Nails and Watch

Japanese Nail Art

Click any photo to blow it up.

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  1. wow! cute deluxe.
    love the nails & watch photos…

    nice site…sweet mix of eye candy & info. I am going to link out to it from japandemic sometime soon.

    keep on keepin’ on.

  2. Olivia Whittaker

    wow i want the barbie bag know where you can get something like it =).. love barbie ^ ^

  3. MissKelevra

    I love how she braided her hair. How do you do that =p

  4. With regards to the question about how that girl braided her hair. You can buy ready made braids which can be placed in the hair, like the across the head like above. Or if you have super long hair, you can braid your own and pull it across. Make sure your hair isnt layered as it is harder to do.

    Loving the nails, they are wicked!!

    Love the website too!

  5. So cute!!! I love their hair & nails, totally adorable :)

  6. Total love!! I want that barbie bag!!..both of them are as equally gorgeous as each other.

  7. cute nails~!!! ><<3and the red/pink watch is beautifull~

  8. kawaiiii! i wis hthe shoes have been shown more. iam a shoe freak ^^ love love love the barbie tshirt w suspenders

  9. geraldine

    I love her barbie T-shirt!!!
    Do you know where I can find one?
    thank you!

  10. Very nice and cute! When the camera shot her face. 2 Hand blocked her face. Very nice!