Japanese Couple with Usavich Bunnies in Shibuya

This friendly smiling couple with trendy auburn hair was photographed in Shibuya. The guy on the left is a 22-year-old apparel worker named Ohya. His patchwork shirt and sareuru (drop crotch pants) are from Comme des Garcons, which is his favorite brand. His favorite designer is John Galliano and he likes the rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel.

Ohya has one of the large Lad Musician bags with the Fender logo that we’ve featured in other photos. Inside are two Usavich stuffed bunnies. His cool red shoes are Dr. Martens.

The cute girl on the right is a 17-year-old student named Fujio. Her blue polka dot pants are from Merci Beaucoup and her shirt is from a Harajuku shop. She’s wearing a plaid bow tie and blue sneakers that are courtesy of her mother. Fujio’s bag was a furoku goodie (an exclusive gift) from Vogue magazine.

Fujio’s watch is from Marc Jacobs and her bracelet is from Troll Beads. Both Ohya and Fujio have rings from Chrome Hearts. Fujio’s favorite brand is also Comme des Garcons.

Japanese couple in patchwork shirt and bow tie

Japanese guy with Comme des Garcons shirt

Lad Musician Fender bag with Usavich bunnies

Comme des Garcons sareuru & Dr. Martens shoes

Cute Japanese girl with auburn hair and bow tie

Merci Beaucoup polka dot pants

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  1. love love love love love the girl’s pants and how they’re folded a little bit above her shoes

  2. they are both cute but the shoujo’s outfit is baggy ^^,

  3. He should have rolled his pants a bit so to we could seen those pretty socks better. The nice, nice Docs also would have greater emphasis.

  4. I love it! They are SO Tokyo. I love Mercibeaucoup, Ne-Net, and Comme Des Garcons..They all have some similar cuts to their patterns…What a great couple! At first when I looked at this picture, I forgot that it was in Shibuya, and it looked a little bit like right outside of the station at NakaMeguro! I would love to see some Nakameguro, Koenji, or Shimokita shots!

  5. I love seeing a slightly chubbier girl on this site. It shows that just because you aren’t super skinny, doesn’t mean you can’t be super fashionable :D