Japanese Cyber Fashion & Japanese Female Soundcloud Rappers On The Street in Harajuku

Cyber Cider and Cyber Milk are two Japanese soundcloud rappers from Osaka we met on the street in Harajuku on a rainy day.

Cyber Cider (in blue) and Cyber Milk Chan (in pink) are both wearing fashion by Harajuku street style personality and Vantan Design Institute High School student Kyoppe. The concept of these outfits is “cyber” as in cyber fashion or futuristic fashion.

Cyber Cider is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Instabio. Cyber Milk Chan is also on Instagram, Twitter, and Instabio. Together, they are known as Pachico’s Computer. You can follow the designer, Kyoppe, on Instagram if you’d like to see more of her subculture designs.

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